The Stone Cottage on Whidbey Island is a special place. Construction of the home was started back in 1950 and took two and a half years to complete.  Back then Whidbey Island was known as a great summer vacation spot, great local fishing, beautiful natural setting and a very small population.

My wife and I bought the home in 2016. We noticed the house for sale, and like the owners before us, we wandered down the driveway and fell in love!  We quickly learned of another special thing… we discovered that the island is in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains, which limits annual rain fall to only 14 to 18 inches per year!   Mount Olympus, which is in the Olympic Mountains, (or also called Olympic rain forest) gets an average of 220 inches per year!  It is the wettest spot on the continental US, which allows us to have a really nice overall weather pattern throughout the year.

This place is very special to us and to local residents. 

Jonathan and Nancy Cluts

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